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Got a book in the works and need an expert eye to run across its pages?


Writing the next great novel, poetry collection, children's story, magazine article, and wish you had a mentor to nudge you forward with helpful suggestions and insightful feedback? Someone to help you figure out the ins and outs of self-publishing? A little editing angel sitting on your shoulder? 


Let me be your invisible winged companion on the road to authorial success. With my 12 years of experience in book and magazine editing, I will bring a balanced approach and an eagle eye to your manuscript. I'll encourage you and challenge you to go where you've never gone before. After all, it's all about improving your craft, is it not, while growing even more passionate about creating magic with your words?


So, give me a shout. Let me know what you are working on and what you need. Pricing will vary depending on the project. And for you writers toiling away with little or no dubloons in your pocket, I feel your pain. Relax. We'll work something out. I'm not, in general, averse to the barter system!


Send me a page of your writing for some quick tips, just to get a feel for how I work, on the house. If you feel I can be of help to you, we'll take it from there.


Thank you, Harry! When you fix it, I cannot tell what has changed (until I compare side by side), for the simple reason that after you smooth it, the words flow as I intended. --Nadina Mackie Jackson


Thank you, Harry. I love that you are helping me to build more content for my book, and turning it into something even better than I had imagined it to be. I feel fully supported under your guidance. --Elaine Uskoski

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