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Flash fiction stories that explore the wonderful world of death and dying. Anything goes in this wildly explorative collection of short short tales. Outrageous, funny, sexy, experimental, poetic. You'll mambo with your maker every which way but loose. "The flow is seamless despite the change in perspective, setting, and plot with each new chapter. Trying out so many different styles of writing in one book takes a lot of effort and skill, but Posner pulls it off quite well. I recommend taking your time with this book. Don't rush through it as the author offers up so much with each segment."-- Ann Livi Andrews, reviewer "Posner's playful use of language and balance of humour and pathos come together in a thoroughly enjoyable read."--Tracey Fockler, review for In The Hills magazine

Little Exits--Flash Fiction

  • 2015, 236 pages, 5 1/2 X 8 1/2, soft cover

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