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I am a self-published and published poet, author, and editor, whose love of writing evolved in a natural progression from short stories to children’s picture books, to poetry, novels, and spoken word performance. I am currently a member of  the Words Aloud Poetry Collective, as well as the Headwaters Writers Guild, Writers Ink Alton, an associate member of the League of Canadian Poets and a member of the Writers Union of Canada. As well as teaching creative writing in the area of Caledon, I have authored three novels, a book of poetry, and a workbook for developing writers. I released a collection of flash fiction entitled LITTLE EXITS early in 2015 and also released my first audio poetry CD in November of 2015. I released my novel  AUROCH UNBOUND in 2017, and... I was named first Poet Laureate of Dufferin County in June 2017! In 2019 my first novella PEGGY LEE'S DELICIOUS LIPS won the Ken Klonsky novella award, and was published by Quattro Books. I've just published a book of spoken word poetry, BLUE IS BIGGER THAN BROWN, and I'm soon to release MALWARE, a novella trilogy consisting of Malware, Dux Dispar, and Here is Betty. Watch for it.

Inspired by ...

e.e. cummings, T.S. Eliot, Rainer Maria Rilke, Donald Barthelme, Robert Priest, Lydia Davis, Victor Hugo, John Banville... music and art and chess and books that alter synapses and a cool fedora and dreams and my father's bakery hands and the perfect wabi sabi of it all.

Harry Posner has a wonderful way with deliciously evocative language. He's an intelligent writer who also cares enough to thoroughly research the history, vocabulary and culture of the times and places he writes about.


Andrew Welch, author of The Value Crisis

I have been reading and listening to Harry Posner’s writings for the past 5 years, and I am always mesmerized at his delightful way with words. Whether he is writing poetry or prose, Harry’s words are incredibly evocative of many literary giants.


Marilyn Kleiber, Writer, and Publisher at Sun Dragon Press Inc., Screenwriter, Director, Producer

Harry is a master craftsman of both the written and spoken word, skilled and experienced in all phases of authorship and publishing. He is dedicated to creative excellence and brings his intelligent and thoughtful expertise and original talent to every project. He is a pleasure and an inspiration to work with.

Ruth Cunningham, Owner Operator

Me throwing down some poetry at a great house swarming on May 23rd, 2016 at Nadina Mackie Jackson's church house:

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